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ooh yeah

Very Great and Scary game. I loved the crossover of two games. Got scared a little bit. Loved it. Dead Inside Gameplay

This game was really good, I'm just mad that I spent so much time trying to code those squares, and ended up doing it wrong lol😭


I played this game in my video from 8:56-13:31. and it was probably my favorite game out of the three I played. I liked the little details, the whispering voice, Ninja's tweet, IRL desktop background, etc. Made me love this game more, hope to play and see more from you soon. 


Actually surprised by how entertaining this game is, deffinately worth playing


A meme game disguised as a horror game. LOVED It.

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Outside of the out of place memes and pop culture references, this is a fine example of something that barely qualifies as a "game". Jumpscares are the only scares, that's whe the audio feels like giving you anything to work with. Everything feels like a prebuilt asset cobbled together in under a weekend.

Improvements wise, maybe expand on some form of survive the night mechanic but based around your homework situation, currently it feels like the game lacks any form of an identity and instead just spits out one liners before remembering it's meant to be a "horror" game.

The story literally doesn't exist so there's no point in harping on about it.

Try to be a little less on the nose with your pop culture based comedy, or focus that energy into making a decent horror game, not just a spooky house.

For a more indepth review and circumstantial gutting of this game I've got this handy. 

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Enjoyable. Fun and short and a solid one-shot once you get what the dev is going for. Well done!

dead inside has made it into games of terror! btw that was probably one of the hardest maths I had to do and literally made me feel dead inside 

Emphasis on the short. I didn't really see anything else to do after seeing somebody in the corner of my vision after the lights go out. Kinda creepy, I guess.

So nobody wants to say anything about the body we just nonchalantly remove a jacket from?? hahaha I def enjoyed the different elements of your game, like how you incorporated 'Silent House' at the very beginning. It's awesome how you're only 15 doing these things, I can't wait to see what you'll be making a few years from now!

p.s. I speculate that it was Jack in the closet...

Great work!

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The drums don't make a sound when you hit them :/ Also 10/10 for making me look like an idiot with the puzzle It was the third game I played In my 3 scary games vid :)

I may need help on this video couldn't do the puzzle.

No idea what the game was supposed to be about, but very odd. 

Didnt know what I was doing but I deffo got jumpscared initially. It got creepy too when I noticed a person of my feild of view but I dont know what happened at the end lol. BUT I KEELED NUWAN!


You are a genius in game development and I love it. I didn't expect any of this and loved every second of it. Loved the humor.  This was the second game in the video!

Good game, but homework is a bit weird. everything else is good. I like it. I hope to see more from you soon :)

btw if you are interested I made a video:


that homework is dumb as fuck.

This game played on one of my worse fears on seeing things in my peripheral vision. I mean obviously besides the fact that someone creepy is locked in the house with you. Also, I had no idea what the story was about until I re-read your description. How the hell you throw the "person you killed 3 years ago..." so causally into a game description without explanation lol.

i liked the game yet i was so confused with the ending xD

its the second game in the vid ^^

keep up the good work!!


Pros and cons are sown below. Check out my vid (the game is the third there):


1. I love the scares that you have come up with. I think they are original and effective. Well done!

2. I like that the game had a bit more complicated plot that most of indie horror games. Story telling through the environment is very cool! Though, I have a feeling that I missed something in my playthrough.

3. I like those little tasks that you had to do on your laptop. I think that was very clever. Reminded me a bit of Welcome to the game.


1. A tub filled with red liquid in the middle of the kitchen. Really? I think it is very strange not to have a separated bathroom.

2. There was no sense of danger. Even though you saw a guy walking around. He was not a threat. Maybe that would be cool if you would have to do something after seeing him.

3. I would like a bit more attention to the stuff in the closet. Maybe a comment or something. Because otherwise it's kinda funky. 


I enjoyed the game a lot. A bit more polish and that would be a very strong experience. I could see a bigger game coming out of it. Great job!

Hope my feedback was useful!

Show post...hello world

just.... leave out the advertisements.


So this game definitely re-opened my eyes, to the horror scene, what a game to come back and play! it was trippy and awesome, I'd love to play more! :D

An interesting game but if I am being honest I didn't quite understand that story of it. Also I got confused on if things attacked you or not. Maybe it's just me but ya. :P


Cool game!  I enjoyed trying it out! 


Another great game! Very interesting feature to use my PC information to help the game into what it is. I applauded the game at the end of my let's play for just being so good!

We jumped so god damn hard at this game haha...

Creepy lil game 


I played this game in the second half of my video, very creepy, definitely got some scares out of me! The 3D audio sounds really helped with the atmosphere, like when the shadow figure guy was whispering. Sent chills down my spine! It was especially unsettling when you open the laptop and see the dark shadowy figure walk across! 

Pretty cool game, definitely has potential for future story + updates, I would love to see more! I've made a video of it as well starting at 7:14! 

i wanna know the ending lol

Cool game!  I especially liked that the computer uses your real background and username, subtle but creepy.  Cheers! 

This game confused the hell out of me, but the tone and atmosphere was definitely enjoyable! I had fun with it!

I played this on my Youtube channel! Check it out!

Really nice game! Very well done! I didn’t expect the ending to be that deep, that was awesome! This game really gave me the chills. Absolutely well done!

tbh...i liked the game. there was a little bug at the end when I hit the sack lol. Feel free to check out the video, also subscribe if you enjoyed it.

This game was epic as heck but a tad confusing. Overall great game!  I would appreciate it if you could check out my video!

I had a lot of fun with this! The homework part took me a while to figure out, but provided a nice challenge! 

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the homework makes my video card go insane with lights with low resolution, and on ultra just crashes the game

Also: how the hell do you do the homework??? I drew the figure, what else do you want me to do?

you shouldn't figure it out by yourself, but if you opened the web browser there'll be something like reddit where the protagonist posts a question on the homework and there is 3 replies, copy the last one with "ctrl + c" and paste it in the HW with "ctrl + v"

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