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Couldn't end up finishing the game. Even after watching walkthroughs and doing everything right, it still glitched out and wouldn't let me do anything else. It's a great concept for a game, but kind of disappointing being unable to finish it. And yes, I tried multiple times, in both high and low versions.

Pretty cool. I did run into some glitches but made it through eventually. Still haven't figured out the stuff "after" the game. If I do, can I make another video? Or do you want people to stop at the first "end" of the game?

I don't know if it was my monitor or the game, just found myself in a pitch black room with a tv and a radio? Couldn't find out how to do anything.

This was an interesting game, I like the rewind function! Took some time to figure out what was going on but still cool!

So I played this game..... in my 3 Random Games video.... but it *glitched* a lot..... (bad pun i know XD)


SKIP TO 11:01!!!

It was fun I had some problems in the end but it was a glithy mess that I loved!:)

A very strange game. It's hard to understand what's happening at first, but at least it's unique.


Pretty weird game but at the end I liked it! keep up the good work! 

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So this game was very frustrating but I did like it, for some reason I couldn't interact with the computer in one of the rooms.


my lord I could not figure this one out to save my life!!

May revisit, until then, here is some game play :)

I reallly liked it, weird when you dont know if it's a purpose glitch or an actual glitch though 😂 Good Fun either way!

Big fella... When I try to enter the bedroom it would just flip the gravity on me and I would get stuck on the ceiling. Also, is it normal that on the first floor I can't enter the storage and I would fall through the floor?

The name of the game is GLITCH. Falling through the storage room and the gravity changing is not a bug.

Well, I saw the guide note and it just said to get a code but not mentioned how to enter it. So, I just took it as a bug (I checked the guide after trying  to enter). Also, a gamma slider would be bomb. *sips tea*