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A very smart idea for a game! I liked how you tied previous games in to.

Another great game with some funny references and a bunch of legitimate spooks at some points.  I especially liked the part from the Apartment 2 involving figuring out the phone's password, thought it was a nice touch.  Not a lot of games do that 10/10 :D

Starts at 2:50


I don't know why this game go to top 20 in popular...(Probably a big youtuber played the game) If you're reading this you should check out GAME.exe instead coz this game won't be getting updates anymore and GAME.exe is way better than this.

Deleted 1 year ago

I made both of the games I can tell which one is better

:( Bruh Sound Effect 3

bruh moment


I played your game and gave some advice towards the end of the video. 

This has to be the best tutorial for how to be a youtuber ive ever seen ill be famous in a week thank you

Gave it a go...

I think this game is good. The chicken in this game looks kinda scary to be honest. I like the surviving kind of games when you live in a limited area and survive by doing what you can.  The only thing i REALLY didn't like is the way you make videos in this game.  Sometimes it opens a different game in another windows but that's ok. Sometimes the videos don't even upload. The biggest problem is the microphone input, it seems like a good idea BUT sometimes it doesn't work. Or some people who don't have microsoft cannot do anything. I think that you should add more features to this game and it would be cool. I don't know. 7.7/10.

weird flex but ok.

How do i download this?

press download now and then press No thanks, just take me to the downloads and when it's done downloading run the setup

Oh. The problem was in my browser. I just had to refresh the page.

damn this felt so weird! but in a good way :D recording a game and playing a game inside of the game lol :D awesome job on making this! :D

I have no idea whats going on at any time, i cant eat or drink anymore food and i cant restart my game for a second chance. Is this game finished?


Interesting idea. I wasn't 100% sure what to do, but it was still pretty cool.