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love the game :):):)



scary games

I just wanna watch a simple movie! But this entity has other plans. NOW I'M TRAPPED!

I know this is random but I HIT 100 SUBSCRIBERS!!!

A short game but freaked me out! Game starts at 10:08. 


This was a nice short scary game

Nice game

whenever i try opening the game, it crashes , any help?

It was a ok game but there was no ending to it unless i get caught but it a very short game plus i dont think it scary other then the tv and he was behind me i also think you should make the room darker like the kitchen.

I had a good time playing Lurk!


Nice game!āœŒāœŒāœŒāœŒ

Do you want me to publish your game to my game app for free?

As soon as the bell rung I fell through the floor twice.

The Bug is now fixed in the latest update - Update 1.1.0 - Lurk by FreezeStudios (

i opened the game.the player was sitting on the couch  as the bell rang i pressed w then it began to moonwalk  on some infinite surface. some bug issue please fix it

(1 edit)

A temporary fix to this bug is to press the space bar to get up from the chair.

Edit: Fixed in the latest update - Update 1.1.0 - Lurk by FreezeStudios (

Starts at 4:45.

This game needs work...but it could be not bad. 

2 horror games lurk and psych i could get very far on lurk it kept breaking i fell through the floor at one point so i gave up 

That game was awsome


Not a bad short little game. I wasn't able to finish but checked out the walkthrough after playing and I had (eventually) got the right idea. It just hadn't worked for me for some reason. Still pretty cool.

I fell through the map twice while playing

Couldn't get the game to work :(

Hey, Played your game! unfortunately it does seem like i missed a little bit of content, and i see you have updated it since to make it harder to miss, so i clarified that in the comments :). anyway, cool little demo, i enjoy the enemy! although i think the level design made it not obvious that the enemy follows you when you look away, as there isnt much oppotunity to look away from it.


No More VHS Movies for Me! good stuff  FreezeStudios 

Nice Game, Had fun playing

Could use some improvements but the details in it made it look so real

I encountered a bug where when I got up after the doorbell the house floated away, lol! It's in my video but I think it's because I kept clicking on my mouse and arrow keys to move at the same time the doorbell rang? Just thought to let you know! Other than that, the attention to detail was pretty intense! Especially the shadow of the character was so interesting to me!


This was alright, could use a lotta improvements though. Otherwise, great game. Had fun!

For sale


After discovering this game has multiple endings, Iā€™m going to have to play it again. Despite the bugs, it was enjoyable enough! I enjoy a short horror experience, so thank you for developing this game! 

3 minutes of staring at a wall, 2 seconds of full-body chills.

I don't really know what to say about this game



okay. that was creepy


With ending

Well, I fell through the bottom of the map several times when waiting on the door bell to ring before I could get out of the chair. Then when I didn't fall through, I would go to the VHS tape on the floor and pick it up, and I was stuck examining it and couldn't move. I hit E again, and the tape fell onto the ground and I couldn't interact with the tape again. Not sure if its just me, or if others are experiencing these bugs as well.


This was the first game I played in this video. I actually got jumpscared pretty good lol! Check out my playthrough here!

Thanks for playing. Looks like you got stuck. Here's a walkthrough link if anyone else is also having problems -


Cool But No ending so 3 stars. :) 

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