Update 1.2.0


  • Fixed a bug where picked up objects would clip through everything.  (It wasn't a bug but it was used as a weapon to block the NPC from getting in)
  • You can disable motion blur in the settings menu.
  • The NPC's Collider has been shrunk so it won't get stuck easily.
  • Fixed a bug where players where able to call 911 more than once.
  • The dog doesn't float in the air anymore.
  • The NPC's attack range has been nerfed.
  • Occlusion culling has been re-baked so objects don't disappear randomly.
  • The NPC should face the player while attacking.

That's it for today, Leave in the comments what features you want to be added in the next update.


Midnight Nightmare Windows.zip 209 MB
Sep 27, 2019
Midnight Nightmare MAC OS .zip 211 MB
Sep 27, 2019

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