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You're walking home late at night on the streets with a serial killer on the loose.

Ethan is sleeping at work just as usual, but unlucky for him - someone has eyes on him. While going home, he notices strange events like doubled footsteps and eerie noises. Once he reaches his house, so does his stalker. Now it's up to you to help Ethan survive with a killer on the loose.


  • Huge Map
  • Amazing Atmospheric Sounds
  • AI that will terrify you
  • Multiple Endings
Release date Jun 17, 2022
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Gameplay n茫o comentado!

Pretty interesting game ~ 

this sucka is stalking me! 


Ended a Horror Pack video a few months ago with this game, I think I got the bad ending but I still had fun with it regardless. Glad I included it :)

Interesting game, I liked some of the map design and the use of the phone for messages. Timestamped at 6:15

 Had fun! I was impressed with the size of the map and enjoyed the chase. I did have a problem with it freezing during the bed part at the end, but that could have very well been a problem on my end.(played at 4:45)

Great game. Lots of high adrenaline moments while keeping that atmosphere and suspense. If there is one thing I would change it's how slow those doors open at the start.

Great game. This was actually very good. I think some more scares would improve this game a lot! Made a spanish gameplay, hope you like it!


Game looks great

this is a cool little game, was super creepy!

This game is very good, great atmosphere and the setting is perfect with only a few minor glitches that actually helped me out, hilariously! This is my playthrough and if you enjoy it, please like and subscribe, thanks!

nice game


Really enjoyed the game! Played as part of a new 3 games video as the first game! Check out the video

Great game!

Great game, it's a huge fear of mine being stalked by someone. However, I couldn't finish recording a video on it because the music was obnoxiously louder than the game audio. Could barely hear the creepy environment or the foot steps following me. Ruined the experience a little. 

Would love to make a video on the game if there was an option to change music volume or if it was toned down a bit! :)

Hi FreezeStudios! Thanks so much for making this game, you guys made me jump a few times in the game, maaaan I hate being chased and you nailed it. The backgrounds and assets were really good, you did a fantastic job portraying an office space and that kinda made me more scared. The meat room was disturbing and the chasing scene made me feel very rushed and terrified! Nicely done~ 

Fun game! Had some good jump scares


This game was really fun although I had to restart many times, I could not get the last part to work but other than that pretty fun game! 

I always appreciate seeing a Jason mask in games. That killer's a little crazy when you first meet him haha. Pretty cool endings too. Thanks for the fun!

Nice game !

This is the scariest game I played out of the four, but I will say it was a bit janky at times but overall good game, keep up the great work! (I play Not Alone at 09:19)

Good game! Was a bit puzzled with the chase but got there in the end.

:D i play this game 2 times to get 2 ending. But game have someting bug when killer in my house, he stuck and don't move when police go to my home, but this game oke. tHank for game !

there is a stalker on the loose! this game definitely got a few jump scares out of me. nice game dude!

It won't open the door help

I did NOT expect that ending, probably got the bad one.

Wild game. Loved it. Nights shifts are awesome lol.

This Game Caught me off guard man lol


This was pretty good but the chair was kinda unresponsive.

Video Link:

somehow got saved by an apocalypse soldier

It was very scary to be chased by a killer.

Thanks for a thrilling experience.

Please watch around 9:08.

SUCH A HUGE MAP! It was fun getting side track and stuff! It's the secound game I played

I really enjoyed the dread that you set up for this little game. Made me scream at a few parts and the ending made me chuckle a little bit. Great work!

I like it. Starts at 10:10.

Very Creepy game, cops wouldn't help. What's new 9/10 

Das Spiel war am ende verbuggt, also musste ich es noch 2 mal versuchen...

Aber sonst tolles Spiel, und Video 馃槣

I really enjoyed this one !!

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