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I finished only one ending, and possibly the worst one! Game was good and tension was on high, I liked it!

Not Gonna Lie this is one of my biggest fears being chased at night  All alone Loved this game helped me face my fears kinda 

I had a ton of fun with this game it genuinely scared me, I can not stress how well the timing of the events in the game was. I got super into it and the atmosphere felt real. 

Well done! Ran into one bug but a simple restart of the game solved it.

Excellent game! I didn't know if I should stay hidden under the bed or make a run for it! Great game. Game here: 

Please sub to my YouTube channel.

The game goes from 0 to a 100 real fast, wonky controls and killer design. Not gonna lie tho this game scared me more than it should have.

That stalker dude can move! I enjoyed that a lot. Thanks for sharing.

Man that guy was fast ! Perfectly balanced between difficult and easy. Overall a decent game with a really cool concept. Good job !

I made a video on your game if you'd like to give it a watch :)

That was FANTASTIC!  Thanks for a super fun game!  5 stars!

all you need to know is this game switch between fast and slow-paced very quickly lol 

A large map and nice survival horror moments.

Good Ending.

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Not Alone Reaction Vid

Definitely would recommend this game, I played and recorded the whole game. The sound effect & VHS effect was on point!

There were some glitches for me at 7:30 & 11:01 in the video but overall I would recommend this game


Pretty decent game with a very expanse map! I recommend you give it a go! If you're interested, here's my play through:

big thanks to the game creators loved the game and how good that dam music was!!!!

This was a creepy and unnerving game! I saw only a few bugs, but over all it was well done.


Game scared me good. I ran into a few bugs, unless there were really two killers. Overall scary ass game!

I really enjoyed that there was this feeling of being watched and how it added to the atmosphere. I think I may have missed something and broke something...but this game was well made! Good job! 

Creepy game. I ran into a few pretty funny bugs there xD

good game but my game kept crashing (could be my shit pc ) i got stuck under the bed lol

The Most ALONE I've Ever Felt!

Got me spooked a few times, only a couple bugs, goo game in general

Hey, me and my cousin played your game. We got scared and had a great time! Great Game!

Played the game on my channel! I think I bugged it at one point but other than that it was pretty good and creepy and I enjoyed it!

Game at 7:43. Atmosphere gets tense very quickly. Didnt take long to figure out where to go, although I would add brief directions on how to open doors if the player is unfamiliar with these games. Good atmosphere, dynamics are pretty good. Couldnt seem to outrun the enemy so didnt finish. Otherwise, great idea!

Just played this game for youtube. The footsteps were definitely very creepy, especially in the first part of the game. I was impressed with the huge map, but it felt almost too huge. I didn't seem to find any secrets or point to the huge map. I walked around the entire office building and never got caught once. I don't know if this is because the footsteps are only sound design or because the map was so big that we never ran into the killer. Either way, it was a creepy, fun little game! Thanks for sharing!

Not Alone Playthrough

just played and uploaded this to my channel. This game got creepy fast. I got really confused on how to get to the apartment but I also got turned around at first so maybe i was just dumb lol. But I figured it out and I loved it. Highly recommend playing it! Here's my video if you're interested in watching... (I posted the links to the game and your creator page in my description)

This was a very creepy game. Great work! 


Probably one of the best indies i have played on here for a while, thumbs up from me thanks dev!

I got stuck at the Chase didn't know where to go 😂 got there in the end but this was very well made I can't wait for future projects 🙂

i remember michael mayers

That was cool but the killer was so dumb. :D 4/5


I liked  the tension you created with this. great job

The atmosphere of this game deserve its praise with how eerie it was going through the game and hearing strange noises that constantly add to your anxiety of being chased even though you weren't up until a certain point. I also liked the cops smooth animations. Solid game. 


Bro was he inside the building following me from the VERY START!?

Nice game. Just wondering if the stalker was in the office building following the player character?

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