Silent House Walkthrough


So you got stuck playing the game and want help? You've come to the right place. You can either read the giant wall of text or watch this speedrun.

NOTE: The password for the front door is based on the date you set on your computer. So if the date is 08/02/2020(dd/mm/yyyy) the password will be 0802. If you still can't figure out the password,  just go to the basement and open the terminal and enter 'sudo get password' and then enter 'sudo comp shutdown' to leave the terminal.

PART I:  The goal of the game is to escape the house. Once you start the game you'll find yourself in prison. Look around and you'll find a toilet and looking inside it you'll find a rock. Press 'E' on your keyboard to pick it up. Once picked-up navigate to the prison door and press 'I' to open your inventory. Select the rock in your inventory and press 'Use'. The door will open. Pick up the lantern and use it to get more visibility of your surroundings. You'll find a note with a password to the safe in one of the drawers. Now move to the garage on the first floor (Look at the blueprints below). Check if the NPC is in there, if he's not in, go in there and look around for a screwdriver. Once you pick the screwdriver, Leave the room and navigate to the Elevator. Get inside it and press the big red button. It'll take you to the basement. Once in the basement press 'E' on the generator once and then press 'E' on the computer. Once in the terminal type "\help" to get the list of commands, two commands will be shown on your screen. Enter "sudo get password" to get the password for the front door and enter "sudo comp shutdown" to leave the terminal. Now go to the first floor. Now navigate to the bedroom on the first floor. Enter it and interact with the safe and enter the password you found in the starting room. Take the key that's inside the safe. There's a hammer in this room that you can find in the drawers. Now navigate to the storage room (Check blueprints). Open your inventory and use the screwdriver. Get inside and move forward till you fall down and enter the bathroom. Drop the rock and pick up the bathroom key and gas mask. Use the bathroom key and leave the room. Now you have everything to escape. Press use on the gas mask to equip it. Equip your hammer by pressing use. Navigate to the front door and remove the planks by pressing 'E', use the silver key and then press 'E' on the keypad. Enter the code you found in the computer terminal. Now press 'E' on the front door. 

PART II: This is the easy part press ok until the counter begins. Open the firewall and uncheck the realtime protection box. Now open Internet Bowser and press the download button that's near the cookies popup. Now open the folder named folder and click on the .zip file and enter the following password "game2.exe" you can try to decode the .bin file and solve the morse code if you want. Now open the antiOK file and press 'Run Scan'. Wait for the scan to complete. Good job you've completed the game without anyone's help.


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