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The Apartment 2 is a short home invasion horror game.

The Apartment 2 is a sequel to a game nobody asked for, From the creators of lame games such as 'Endless' and 'The Apartment' comes The Apartment 2. 

You're sleeping in your bedroom but you wake up because someone is knocking the door loudly. You check the cameras to see who is knocking the door and find out that a guy with a chainsaw is trying to open your door. The weird thing is that he has a chainsaw yet he is lock picking your door.

Headphones are recommended
Note- Do not play the game on high volume
            - The game might have bugs

WASD / Arrow Keys - Character Movement
RMB (Right Mouse Button) - Toggle Phone
TAB - Inventory
E - Interact
F - Flashlight

Additional Notes- If you can't solve the puzzle the answer to it would be in the game directory

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags3D, First-Person, home-invasion, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hey, I would ask you if I can stream your game on twitch?

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Yes, You can stream this game on twitch.



the most awkward game I probably ever played in my life hahahahhahhahhahaahahaahahahaah STARTS AT 2:22

Turned on my webcam while i was on the pooper! 

Was fun, I think the 3rd one should have a more intense ending perhaps

Little to late but .....

Why do the pause menu buttons not work?

Ok it was not bad ....Nice Work 

was a bit laggy and when i went close to the guy he didnt do any and walked off lol

Pretty cool short horror game. Got me to jump a couple times :)

Was going to say here that it was pretty buggy but then realized I missed some of the instructions on this page. Might need to give it another try. Unfortunately I already uploaded the video. 

Despite the possible bugs and bugs that were actually my inability to read directions I still thought it was pretty good. 


I am only 14 so no mean comments Plz but if you don't like my games then please leave your constructive criticism.


how the heck did you make such a polished game and only be 14??? kudos to you, my man.

can you fix the game for me i tried but i think i got more of a laugh then a scared laugh 

 but yet i say not bad still

It's not a game bug , I think your system couldn't handle the game and the textures,animations and sounds didn't load.

Very Nice Game, great work!

We return to the old apartment in The Apartment 2! There's someone at the door, probably here to deliver pizza... I hope!  

Really fun game! Silly but scared me a bit lol loved the spooks and both endings! 

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lol that was fun I tryed 911 but it wouldnt work for me good game thanks here is my playthrough 

Great game, hope you like the video

Done it with both endings...Liked it keep your good work up :) 

Not too bad I wish there was more to it but still not bad. I enjoyed what was there.

It was an enjoyable experience, though it was very short and, had some graphical and performance issues.

Interesting game, but was unable to figure out the password myself.


Love the game but if i had alittle bit more instruction i think i would have beat it 

Fun little game!

My channelL youtube.com/jonathick (opens in another tab)

I liked the game overall, but it did seem like there were some times of just nothing going on. The hallucination scared the crap out of me (pun intended), and the game had a creepy home invasion style to it. My only main issue was the ending, giving the killer the name Chainsaw Dude, kinda took away from any impact that would have been put on the player, but overall it was a good game.

this was great! i havent even played apartment 1 but this was awesome! :D that first hallucination scared the hell outta me XD awesome job on making this game :D 

Where's Martha when you need her?

Sure is hard to find good neighbors nowadays. Not that there is anything wrong with having a chainsaw. 

Thanks for the fun game and clever puzzle. Looking forward to playing more games from you. Keep up the good work!


(Below is a video with a complete playthrough showing you how to get the phone code along with both bad and good endings plus roleplay commentary from "The Voice". Don't forget to support the developer and if you enjoy the video consider subscribing and leaving a like!)

i FINALLY found the password without having to look in the Game Directory lol. 

The game is properly creepy, especially the part when the chainsaw guy keeps walking around xD

Deleted post

Actually like this game a few little bugs but overall really enjoyed it.

A decent game. I couldn't get the password reset to work.

This was pretty cool. The waiting in the cupboard waiting to see if he would find you or not was great. Was there a way to get cam 03 to work ?

That was a crazy experience, found some strange things happening but I like how it was done.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer