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Not bad, decent atmosphere. 

Ran into a few problems, like it took me way too long to realize you could use the computer :) And the body at the beginning got stuck (which had an interesting effect anyways).

Overall pretty spooky.


Same creators of Mono? It looks so very familiar to me... 

I didn't develop MONO or I am capable of doing that. I ruined this game by adding pointless jumpscares and rushing the game.

Not sure if there was an end but i still had fun, great job!

Pretty short and fun game. It's the third game in the video:

Played this for a 3 free indie horrors and i gotta say, it's pretty bad... I give and in-depth review at the end of my video.

¿es una demo o esta completo? ¿esta en español o ingles? ¿tendra español?

Puedes descargar la demo gratis y comprar el juego por 1 $.  El juego no soporta español.  Esta respuesta se realizó con el traductor de google y podría no ser precisa.

Cool game. Could use more events.

Fun little Demo!

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Fun little game.

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This game is still scary! I played through all series and it is still fun!