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I got stuck but made it to the end. The computer interaction was cool. Can't wait for more!

Who is rudely waking me up every night? Is it just an overeager booty call? Doubtful... 

Honestly, this was really cute :D The whole computer portion of the game was silly and fun, that monster just basically "hanging out" was pretty funny, and our guy JUST WANTS TO GET SOME SLEEP, MAN!!! :D Nice work, I hope you keep making games! Enjoy the Lumps Play, it's a little different than your normal reaction video. Cheers!🍻

Cool little horror game. 


How about if you're a ghost haunting my apartment, you don't touch my Ikea lamp! I spend good money on that!

Hey! I checked out your game and I have to say it is really good! Short horror game with confusing endings but whatever! I enjoyed it! Gave me a scare and some new pants! Thanks for providing the game and good luck to your future games and career!! :)