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Nice game. You mentioned there was a update coming soon in the development log, are you still working on it or is it abandoned

Here it goes. Ubuntu (linux) version. Cool game. Keep it up good contents games. Greetings from Brazil:

The android working version is not working

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

I really enjoyed this even though it's a little hard to figure out what exactly you are supposed to do.

I like the vaporwave look to the sun and the general feeling of the city you're walking through.

I did find a bug where it deleted the key and made a second map, that was fun.

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Sometimes the game stop responding, i want to play the game i liked but this is getting in my nerves, have something i can do to stop this

what engine are you using?

 Unity Engine 2019.3

Fun game i found a glitch

when i try to run the game on my mac it doesn't start, :( do you know why? is anyone running the game on mac?


I think mac os blocks apps from unknown developers. Try holding control and then click on the .app file and then press open.

i made it, but it doesnt work. I appreciate your answer


I really enjoyed the game. The audio and the graphics were great. The AI got stuck sometimes when chasing me but it was pretty scary hearing him patrol the city in his bike. 

We managed to get the game working fine :p It was fun seeing the motorcycle man run into lamp posts while chasing us, hah.

Game Did Not Work For Me.

Did the game crash? If it did I just released patch 1.1 that fixes these game-breaking bugs. If the game didn't load that's mostly due to a slow HDD.

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