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Twisted Dreams is a short horror game.

You play as Mike Philips, a hardworking man working away on his computer for days without taking a break. You, as a player, have to help Mike break his routine. Would you be able to help him before Mike takes matters into his own hands…

Content Warning: This game may not be suitable for kids or those who’re easily disturbed.

There are seven endings to this game.


  • F to interact
  • WASD to move
  • LMB/RMB to shoot
Updated 23 days ago
Release date Jul 29, 2021
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Multiple Endings, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I love the concept of the game and the dark paths it takes, but I'm not the biggest fan of the lack of objective. It's a little frustrating when you're jumped into a game, and you have to resort to literally clicking on everything. But honestly, that wouldn't be bad if the player's interaction was set to a commonly used button. That's what threw me off at first, there was no instruction telling me to use G (I think that's the key). What a random choice for interaction, btw! But overall, once that mechanic was discovered, it was smooth sailing and I enjoyed the experience!

Great work!

Very cool. I liked the way things change but don't change.

Like many, I was not able to figure out ending 6 and 7.

I even saw your hints about them on the comments here and was unsuccessful. 

Noticed your logo on your itch.io page is misspelled. 

Good game!

I thoroughly enjoyed this title! Only managed 4 of the 7 endings, so I’ll definitely come back to it! Many thanks for creating! 

Amazing game. Loved the use of multiple endings. Makes you want to play it over and over until you get them all. Keep up the good work!

the note at the end doesnt work man

I loved it, i am still searching for ending 6 + 7. I've been obsessed by finding it out for the last 5 days. Does the game have to get an update to find the last 2?

The last 2 endings already exists in the game. I can give you some hints - 1. Decoding the note will help you get the good ending.
2. Entering the Konami code will unlock the secret ending.

excited for more <3


Loved It! The monster actually scared the shit out of me


I wish I could have gotten all the endings! Super cool concept! It was difficult to figure out though 


I don't think we can proceed if we don't get in the door.

This was an interesting experience. I think the note is broken.


Jfc i actually got scared like a little girl in the first playtrough, and i killed myself by accident- RIP

starts at 5:50


I tried it to get all of the endings but it's too hard. It took me a lot of attempts to get 5 out of the 7 endings.


This was weird, in a fun way. I loved how repeated playthroughs caused the room to become more dilapidated, and the monster reveal was pretty subtle but effective. Well done!

lol I tried. :^) 

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damn loop creepy